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Top-Quality RFID Hardware Solutions

We offer a variety of RFID hardware solutions to our clients. To learn more about this hardware, please fill out the form to receive our 2024 resource guide.

RFID Collect Resource Guide

2024 Resource Guide

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RC-4E Quick Start Kit

RC-4E Quick-Start Kit

Part Number: RC-QSK-RC4EIOT-US

  • Pre-configured all-in-one RFID system – power, reader, on-board computer, surge protection
  • Pre-installed antenna cables and power cord
  • Steel 12” x 12” x 6” junction box
  • API support
  • Available with integrated data management solutions
  • Requires external RFID antennas

RFID Ready Portal Enclosure

Part Number: RC-143

  • Unit Size: 47” x 14” x 3.5”
  • Custom-size units available
  • Slim, sturdy, and compact for impact resistance 
  • 14-guage steel construction with RFID-transparent EPDM or ABS shield
  • Easy access to equipment with four thumbscrews
  • Bottom openings and knockouts for wiring, compatible with ¾” or 1” conduit
  • Shipped boxed 48” x 15” x 4”
  • One-year Limited Warranty, Extended Warranty available with select equipment
Handheld Sled Reader

RFID Handheld Sled Reader

Part Number: RC-108             

Superior data collection with RFID Ready’s RC-108 Bluetooth UHF RFID Sled Reader offers the best-in-class read range and accuracy for inventory and business processing functions. It is compatible with all Android phones, iPhones, and tablets. It is being used in mission- critical government, industrial, and commercial applications around the world. 

  • Read all UHF RFID tags and 1D/2D barcodes with one device.

  • Simple pairing to your Android and iOS phone or tablet using Bluetooth LE 4.1.

  • Read up to 15 meters using the embedded, ruggedized circular-polarized antenna.

  • Drop tested to 1.2 meters on 6 surfaces. IP54 rated.

  • APIs for Android, iPhone, Linux, and Windows.

  • Reads Passive RFID temperature sensor tags.

KeyPR - Key Tracking System for Secure Environments


KeyPR is an asset tracking solution that uses RFID technology to set-up zones where key ring assets are continuously monitored, and real-time alerts are provided when assets move out of designated zones.

KeyPR provides simple, accurate monitoring of assets with one easy to install and use system. The configurable dashboard offers real-time data collection with a full array of alerts and notifications along with readily accessible, fully customizable reports.

Secure Alert System

Real-time Notifications


Geofence your key assets using RFID tags to prohibit critical key rings from leaving specified areas. Alert security staff in real-time using audio alarms when keys leave a particular zone to prevent loss. Alert security staff in real-time using audio alarms when keys leave a particular zone to prevent loss.

Track and Protect

KeyPR reporting works in facility settings including corporate offices, schools, food and pharmaceutical processing, prisons and correctional facilities, healthcare facilities, data centers, government and military facilities, warehousing, events, construction, and manufacturing plants.
> Fast deployment can be installed in one day.
> Lightweight key fobs with Unique Tag ID.
> Can be used in secured Cloud service or server-based inside network.

TIMESTRIP® Time and Temperature Visual Indicators

The smart way to measure time and temperature.
Healthcare * Food * Pharmaceuticals * Life Sciences * Manufacturing

Timestrip® Time and Temperature Visual Monitoring Solutions offers low cost, patent-protected time and temperature indicators, designed for wide ranging applications. Timestrip simple visual reminders help you comply with recommended or regulated activities in the workplace. Manufactured within a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO:13485:2003, ISO 9001:2008 and products have achieved 510(k) FDA clearance.

Control Of Time
To learn more about Timestrip® Visual Indicators, call 866-248-5040 or email info@rfidready.net.