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Indoor people tracking that is touchless and automatic

NOTIFY is an indoor track and trace application that is touchless and automatic. The system uses Bluetooth beacon technology to continuously trace the location of people inside a facility. It provides real-time, accurate monitoring with a simple to install and use system. NOTIFY is mobile friendly and easily configured.

Notify Tag

It’s as easy as one, two, three

1. Set-up zones using NOTIFY plug-in gateways, or power gateways from existing WAP devices.

 2. Issue beacons. A selection of wearable,  lightweight beacons in wristbands, fobs attached to lanyards, or badges.  

3. Get real-time actionable data to integrate into any workplace strategy. Includes headcount, locations used, dwell-time, and interaction reports from the NOTIFY dashboard.

Real-time notifications for:

  • COVID-19 and infectious disease contact tracing reports.
  • Emergency Mustering for first responders – actionable data for critical events.
  • System can include the tracking of building assets and devices.
  • Workers in the building, in a zone, movement patterns, length of stay and collaboration metrics.
  • Geofencing data and reports.
  • Configurable alerts and notifications.

System Components

  • NOTIFY Locators
  • NOTIFY Badges
  • NOTIFY Dashboard/Reports

rfidNOTIFY® is powered by:


Download Notify for time & attendance, emergency mustering, and COVID-19 alerts.

Plug ‘n Play Time & Location Worker Tracking for Corporate Workplace Strategists.

Senior Living Healthcare, Patient and Worker Tracking