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NOTIFY - People Tracking System

Simply plug it in, and instantly know – who, when, and where. 

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Expert RFID Technology Consultants

When you need support with RFID tracking technology, trust the team at RFID READY to provide the support you need. As RFID technology consultants, we deliver leading-edge solutions in sensor-based tracking and automatic data collection. We can help you set up the equipment and software you need to: 

Track Assets

Document Asset Location and Movement, Manage Inventory, Search, Schedule Maintenance, and More

Track Assets

Track Products

Know Where Your Products are within Distribution Channels and Throughout Your Supply Chain

Track Products

Track People

Use Badges, Wristbands, Cards, or Keychains to Collect Movement, Location, and Time Stamps

Track People

Developing Unique Product Solutions

In addition to providing consultancy services, our company also provides RFID development and original equipment manufacturing. Our experience includes executing automated data collection programs for one facility to multiple locations, as well as helping clients save significant time and money when deploying tracking technologies. Our mission is to achieve significantly better value for our customers, provide expert talent, and deliver faster and more efficient results.

Our product, asset, and people tracking experience include planning, developing, and implementing projects for processing, distribution, and reporting functions. We have worked with various industries, including manufacturing, data centers, retail, education, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, food chain, and government/military.

Choosing the Right Technology

We help companies find and integrate the right data collection technologies. This includes:
  • Passive/Active RFID – Hardware and Software, Integration
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE)
  • Near Field Communications (NFC)
  • Temperature Sensor Tracking
  • Cellular and Mobile Applications
  • Real-Time Locating Systems (RTLS)
  • Ultra-Wide Band (UWB)
  • Current Barcode Technologies
  • Secure Authentication
  • GPS-Enhanced Devices
  • Security Access Systems
  • Solar-Powered Solutions
Contact us when you need support setting up an RFID tracking solution for your business.

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