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Track Assets

Document Asset Location and Movement, Manage Inventory, Search, Schedule Maintenance, and More

Track Assets

Track Products

Know Where Your Products are within Distribution Channels and Throughout Your Supply Chain

Track Products

Track People

Use Badges, Wristbands, Cards, or Keychains to Collect Movement, Location, and Time Stamps

Track People


As an automated tracking development and consultancy firm, RFID READY provides a unique approach to sensor-based tracking that is simple, fast, low-cost, and low-risk. When you engage our consultancy services, you are assigned a small team of specialized tracking experts. This will give you immediate access to highly experienced logistics and business analysts, engineers, and software professionals working for you from a standards-based, vendor-neutral, hardware and software agnostic perspective. You also gain access to our many procedures, processes, methodologies, and techniques for developing and implementing an RFID program.
Our team works as a temporary extension of your own staff, providing the expertise you require to make the right choices in technology, hardware, and software. It ensures a properly planned and developed solution that will expertly tie in your data to your back-end systems and operations.

The time and money you save by working with our experts before you begin your project are significant, as you do not have to commit to a specific solution that may be expensive and may not work for your business. To learn more about RFID READY and the services we have to offer, reach out to our office.

Our Focus

RFID READY provides a specific focus: To ensure your business has the right technology at the best possible price. We accomplish this by:

Our product, asset, and people tracking experience include planning, developing, and implementing projects for processing, distribution, and reporting functions. We have worked with various industries, including manufacturing, data centers, retail, education, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, food chain, and government/military.

  • Identifying the operational processes for improvement.
  • Recognizing the critical factors in ROI for deploying sensor technologies.
  • Assuring minimal or no impact on current systems.
  • Ensuring standards-based compliance and scalability for advancing technologies.
  • Including user involvement and “touch factor.”
  • Delivering clear and measurable results to compare to existing processes.
  • Defining a bundled solution – assembled components to a program for a turnkey approach that makes the process simple to manage and cost-effective.

Our Partners

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