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Where we have delivered projects:

  • Asset Management
  • Personnel Tracking
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Products Through Supply Chain
  • Temperature Tracking
  • Vehicle / Tool Usage Control
  • Logistics & Delivery Tracking
  • Health & Safety Management
  • Security & Access Control

Asset Management

No matter what business you’re in, your assets are critical to operating your business. RFID tags on assets provide a level of visibility unmatched by other technologies. Automatic capture of information eliminates human intervention and assures accuracy and security of key assets as they move from one operation and work area to another.

Asset management increases productivity and efficiency in data centers, hospitals, stock rooms, tool management, and virtually any enterprise workplace. RFID enables companies to automate and secure assets with real-time visibility.

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Due to the complicated supply chain for pharmaceutical products, RFID technology offers many unique advantages. Using RFID allows for quicker identification, increased visibility, and the ability to deploy first-expire/first-out methods of inventory control.
RFID technology also allows pharmaceutical companies to satisfy electronic pedigree compliance by attaining comprehensive tracking histories. RFID is not only used in the tracking of prescription medicines, but also in tracking the valuable lab products and supplies used in the processing of medicines and medical operations.

Tracking People

Corporations, institutions, and governments look to the RFID READY team to implement proficient track and trace programs for people, including staff personnel, site visitors, event attendees, specialized workers, or detainees. We utilize Passive & Active RFID, Bluetooth (BLE), RTLS, and GPS technology provisions where required. Because we are not locked into deploying one single type of off-the-shelf tracking technology, we are able to implement the latest, most efficient, and cost-effective scalable solutions that are tailored to the user’s specific requirements.

  • Better protect your stock and storeroom assets automatically – 24/7.

  • Spend less time tracking and locating missing items.
  • Spend less on replacement requirements.
  • Improve performance of critical and routine maintenance procedures.
  • Secure your IT assets better by identifying and extending utilization.
  • Save time and money spent due to downtime by efficient replacement and maintenance.
  • Safeguards sensitive data and reduces idleness, assuring increased efficiency.
  • Monitor power usage and temperature-controlled assets automatically and consistently.

Food Cold Chain & Food Processing

RFID technology allows the food industry to trace products and record environmental conditions in the complete food supply chain and is the most viable solution to address the requirements of the new laws.
  • In-transit temperature monitoring, which allows action to be taken if necessary to prevent spoilage.
  • Manage chain of custody to ensure efficacy and quality.
  • Increased speed of cycle counts, decreasing the labor required while simultaneously increasing the accuracy of the count along with the condition of the product.
  • Automatic ability to create an automated shipping notice (ASN) based on the products in the container and the time of departure of that container.

Data Centers

Data companies are looking to increase the efficiency of IT inventory and asset management processes and are relying on the advantages of RFID tracking. When corporate data is involved, the potential loss of sensitive information housed in data center assets puts organizations at serious security and regulatory risk.

  • Improved asset visibility.
  • More streamlined and accurate inventory management.
  • Greater compliance to financial and accounting requirements.
  • Reduced number of lost/missing IT assets.
  • Asset management team returns more value to the organization.
  • Short return-on-investment cycle.
  • Improved service level agreement (SLA) management.

Government and Military

Benefits from RFID technology are numerous for both the DoD and its suppliers. Automatic Data Collection (ADC) allows for improved efficiencies, real-time visibility, and effective record-keeping. Not only does RFID technology help keep track of standard supplies and equipment, but it also plays an instrumental role in getting the critical supplies to the battlefield at the right time and place.
  • Improved inventory management.
  • Improved labor productivity.
  • Elimination of duplicate orders.
  • Replacement of manual procedures.
  • Automated receipt and acceptance.
  • Improved inventory and shipment visibility and management.
  • Enhanced business processes within the DoD.
  • Improved asset tracking.


RFID inside retail stores provides real-time ability to keep track of stock and enable your personnel to react quickly for inventory replenishment. Eliminate lost sales due to the inefficiencies of locating inventory. RFID has a direct impact on counterfeit prevention because imitation items are easily identified.
  • Increased inventory visibility.
  • Reduction is missed or lost shipments.
  • Real-time alerts.
  • Reduced manual cycle counts.
  • Tracking of product throughout the supply chain.
  • Reduced out-of-stocks up to 50 percent.
  • Reduced labor for inventory tasks.
  • Reduction of counterfeit items.